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 Some details about stainless steel casting of Fotai

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PostSubject: Some details about stainless steel casting of Fotai   Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:12 am

Stainless steel casting is one of excellent crafts in the steel casting manufacturers and steel foundries.This craft is widely used in hardware castings,alloy castings and stainless steel investment castings and so on.The biggest advantage of stainless steel casting is its precise dimensins density and accurancy,as well as the clean,smooth casing surface.And its another advantae is the ability to cast different alloy castings,especially the superalloy castings.

Fotai Machinery produces stainless steel castings through no-bake/sand process up to 7,000 lbs in weight. Sample parts include, valves, pumps, tooling and various power industry parts. We pour an array of materials to meet your application.

To produce your metal cast products, we use a variety of techniques such as loose pattern and air set in our casting operations. Different mold types, such as cope and drag, precision ceramic shells are also used during production. Our facility is equipped with a thermal sand reclamation system.

Produced to comply with various certifications and standards, our parts have been employed in industries ranging from aerospace and energy to medical. We can handle a variety of production runs as well, ranging from prototype to low and medium volume production. Secondary services offered for our castings include general machining, heat treatment, as well as welding. All types of testing and inspection services can also be handled by us.

Sand casting produces rough metal castings using a mold usually made from sand formed around a replica of the object, also called a pattern, to be cast and is removed once the sand has been compacted.

Investment casting uses a pattern made from a wax or in foam form. The form is then covered with a suitable casting media such as sand or plaster. When the casting media has set or dried, the form is removed. The casting material is then poured into the void left by the form.

Fotai Machinery s equipped with an in-house pattern shop. We will work with you to identify pattern design enhancements that can be completed in our pattern shop to improve the quality of your castings as well as lower your total cost of production.

cast steel products:
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Some details about stainless steel casting of Fotai
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