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 Development of the precision casting method

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PostSubject: Development of the precision casting method    Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:55 am

Precision casting method is the use of non-metallic mold,and the size of its product is more accuracy than ordinary sand mold casting method.The precision casting includes investment casting,ceramic mold casting,metal casting, pressure casting,and lost foam casting.The precision casting is compared with the traditional casting a foundry method. It can get relatively accurate shape and high precision casting.

A common approach is needed to make the blank: firstly, and then using electrodes electrode, corrosion mode formed cavity. The method with casting, the original casting wax wax models. In the wax models layers of liquid brush high-temperature sand. To obtain enough thickness after dry, warm, make interior wax pattern, and melting consistent die-cavity. Required blank In the molten iron casting, curing cavity after shelling shell, can obtain precise manufacturing finished.

Lost wax casting method is called revestment precision casting, is a little or no cutting cutting of casting process, is one of the foundry industry outstanding technology, its application is very extensive. It not only applicable to all types, various alloy casting, and produce the precision and surface quality of castings than other casting method to high, even other casting method to cast the complex, high temperature resistant, not easy machining castings, all can use revestment precision casting casting.

Revestment precision casting is in ancient wax casting developed on the basis of. As the ancient civilizations, China is using this technique, one of the early centuries BC, in ancient China’s labor created the lost wax casting technique, with various fine decorative pattern and casting of the text ZhongDing and vessels products, such as spring when zenghou yi tomb honour plate etc. Zenghou yi tomb honour for multiple disk base of each coil dragon, end to end, fluctuation, forming hollow tubular multi-layer moire among these patterns using common patterns, casting, and to make with lost wax casting method, can use without strength, easy to carving wax, use common tools can be carved by the zenghou yi tomb of paraffin wax statue plate material handicraft, then add gating system, coating, dewaxing, pouring, can get fine zenghou yi tomb honour.

Modern investment casting method in practical application in industrial production in the 1930’s. When air jet engine development, manufacture, impeller blades as complex shape and nozzle, etc, and the surface is bright and clean the size precise meritett papir parts. Due to the heat resistant alloy material, hard machining parts, that cannot be complex shape or difficult to use other methods, therefore, need for manufacturing a new precision molding process, so the handed down from ancient times and the lost wax casting process improvement, materials and modern investment casting method in ancient process on the basis of the development of important gain.

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Development of the precision casting method
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